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Free Window Registry Repair 2.7
Download Now
File Size: 780.7 Kb

Free Window Registry Repair 2.7

Publisher:RegSofts Software
Requirements:PC586 with 8MB RAM and 10 MB free HD
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Free Window Registry Repair - The registry is a heart and soul of any Windows system. It contains information that controls how your system appears and how it behaves. Almost all Windows users gradually experiences the downfall in their PC's performance. Much of it can be attributed to Windows Registry Errors. By using Free Window Registry Repair regularly and repairing your registry your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows run faster. Within few minutes and fewer mouse clicks, you can easily attain maximum optimization of your windows registry with Free Window Registry Repair. It will scan your complete registry and fix the registry problems. For your convenience and for insuring maximum protection Free Window Registry Repair automatically backup any repairs made. So you always can restore Windows registry to the original state using restore button.

List of Changes:

Version 2.6 from 2011-12-28

Show all changes

Version 2.5 from 2011-01-05

Added some ignore keys; Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 2.0 from 2009-04-21

Improved 64-bit OS support; Updated some registry cleaning; The usual tweaks and changes.

Version 1.8 from 2009-01-07

Added 'Startup Programs' and 'Windows Services' section; Added the Vista system restore point; Bug fixes and stability improveme

Version 1.5 from 2008-04-09

Bug fixes and stability improvements.


A windows registry repair freeware.

Download Now
File Size: 780.7 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Mariska Music 2011-08-25 23:52:23 #
Version: 2.5

Well it works oké but doesn't fix all the errors. But that's fine, most of it are fixed!

Bdrin 2011-08-25 08:28:07 #
Version: 2.5

Hi... I was working strong yesterday... and i don't know what you are saying me about....
My english is ... horrrible, poor,
Best Regards,
I suppose Im talking with a website programs offer interesting... but... I think there are thousands looking each step or word i type in my pc...
Just see i read few ago a offer that sayd : how to get into and control into another's pc...
Sorry for the prayer and good day

Ahmadnasr007 2011-08-22 03:10:30 #
Version: 2.5

Thank you guys , Its wonderful program , repaired every thing.

Jessicarobertson2011 2011-08-21 08:55:49 #
Version: 2.5

this program is great i give it 10 out of 10 :)

Gmj22 2011-08-20 12:29:16 #
Version: 2.5


Sorry but did not remove error code 1706, which flashes no valid source could be found for ms office premium 2000 the window installation cannot be found etc.

Bettyfil 2011-08-08 05:29:43 #
Version: 2.5


Hi I'm very pleased with the work that was perforned on my computer you did a good job. Thank you and the staff for your time and experince Thanks again.

Trevorwybenga 2011-08-05 10:19:39 #
Version: 2.5

awesome! I ended up with around 6500 errors and then i click fix and bam! Now everything has been fixed and when i re-scan only errors it finds are files involoving 3rd party software nothing left with the computer it self. Awesome program!

Mjm1671 2011-07-30 09:34:59 #
Version: 2.5

While my "system" is an older "E"Machine, it now seems to have the speed and vitality that it had the day I got it. Thanks for a wonderful program that actually works as promised.

Davgeyer 2011-07-05 11:17:10 #
Version: 2.5

Thank you it helped a lot.

H Sweers 2011-07-03 17:12:18 #
Version: 2.5


I am happy to have downloaded free window registry repair. tried and it worked again. My previous download stopped working.Thanks Very much. H.Sweers

Alanshort900 2011-06-09 09:50:58 #
Version: 2.5

I downloaded this and scanned my laptop. 0ver 700 registry errors were found. So I am really happy with this free programme.

Shaaksi 2011-06-04 21:29:33 #
Version: 2.5

my computer is running faster already,
it didnt fix everything but most is good now

Kevin Frew 2011-06-01 23:48:10 #
Version: 2.5

I ran Window Registry Repair 2.5 on our IBM Lenova after having the computer turn off and restart when running Skype or connecting a webcam.
Unfortunately the program did not fix the problem but actually made it worse.
We did a system restore but only ended up back where we started

Fabiog 76 1 2011-05-25 13:56:29 #
Version: 2.5

The product is easy to use and good. Only a problem (on Windows 7 x64): it found many problems after 1st complete scan and, after the pression of the fix button, it was freeze and the program doesn't reply never after 15 min. So I tried step by step (complete scan but a "path" per time) and it worked correctly. From 1 to 10 I should say 8

Blitzwong 2011-05-14 06:10:50 #
Version: 2.5

it seem's work for simple problems. some serious need a others tools to fix it up

Mhales 2011-04-22 18:35:39 #
Version: 2.5


Seems to have helped. Exiting office outlook or internet still appears to take too long and does so in mini phases

Isabel20 20 2011-04-06 05:21:52 #
Version: 2.5

Great my laptop's as good as new

Vondave 2011-04-05 13:42:15 #
Version: 2.5

I think the software works alright, but it doesn't speed up the computer any.

RemAsh 22 2011-03-22 17:04:19 #
Version: 2.5

I deeply thank you all for this wonder support you give us through your Registry Repair 2.5

My PC is going faster and is not crashing or freezing like it did before.


Raymond Castillo
Santiago, Dominican Republic

Unlockmodemkenya 2011-03-12 08:03:22 #
Version: 2.5

I feel it did not remove many errors on the Registry compared to other Registry cleaning software.

Xinabroderick 2011-03-11 06:28:08 #
Version: 2.5

Free Window Registry Repair has saved me so much time and money, I really wish I'd found it before.

Some of my programmes weren't working properly, I suspect a virus came onto my computer and went on the warpath with my .dll files. I'd asked Virgin Media for help, but they said I'd need to pay them for the assistance (even though it was their software that let the virus in in the first place!), so we I went about finding alternative solutions.

Luckily, after a Google search and a few false pretenders, I found the real deal! Free Window Registry Repair has meant that my programmes are now working properly and those that I've yet to uninstall and reinstall are in good hands because any future problems will be dealt with promptly with Free Window Registry Repair.

I'll definitely recommend it!

Blackcat 2011-03-10 00:30:02 #
Version: 2.5

Thank you..
I'm enjoy this software, is very fast.

LES 2011-03-01 08:15:08 #
Version: 2.5

just updated to 2.5 and done my scan found many useless files and deleted with no problems
A great freebie many thanks... Les

Theone181 2011-02-26 21:33:01 #
Version: 2.5


Yer, it helped me a lot. Thanks. Andy.

Fluxmark 2011-01-29 13:01:37 #
Version: 2.5

Forces work better program, and it is really useful, the better changes were observed immediately, thanks

Andy Bunn 2011-01-29 06:32:21 #
Version: 2.5

free and it means free reg repair is great. used it forever and will continue to do so.


its easy to use and always fixes problems. and its free

highly recommend

Surajprakashgp 2011-01-14 01:27:46 #
Version: 2.5

Free Windows Registery Repair is realy helpfull in increasing the computer speed.Iwould like to know when & why should one restore the Registery back to previous registery state

Narutoshire 2010-12-19 15:24:37 #
Version: 2.0

This program works wonderfully and is a great program to use to repair your pc.

Natarajan2005 2010-12-02 21:51:47 #
Version: 2.0

I was able to download it and install it. It ran for a long time. Since I did not have errors but only only empty registry entries, I was able to remove many of them. However, it seems that it leaves some residuals and they do keep returning although I ran your software three times. I did not have to use restore and the computer seems to work fine. In any case, it was useful and I appreciate for providing a free register repair software. Thanks.

Uaefufu 2010-11-23 13:35:17 #
Version: 2.0

thanks ...........its realy verygood program

Yakich John 2010-11-08 18:52:20 #
Version: 2.0

yep it worked well and thanks it is so hard to any thing free well done and thanks again

Cockernee 2010-10-26 11:31:03 #
Version: 2.0

why is it advertised as free, but is not?

Susan191 Wall 2010-09-29 07:01:58 #
Version: 2.0

this work ok on my computer

Cinsamward 2010-09-17 07:26:26 #
Version: 2.0

I downloaded this program and ran the scan and fix. After which, I restarted my computer. Instead of starting, I got the blue screen with a fatal error (system error event ID 1003). So, once I was able to get back on my computer, I uninstalled this product. I downloaded this because I thought it could fix the issues. Instead, my computer is worse off than it was before.

Ramanbvpdk 2010-09-04 21:10:33 #
Version: 2.0

working fine beyond expectations

Lisab87 2010-08-30 05:34:48 #
Version: 2.0

Free Window Registry Repair 2.0 detected 14,008 registry errors on my computer. I was so excited because I had been having a miserable time with Runner Errors, etc. However, when I selected the Repair key to repair the errors, nothing happened. It's like it did not recognize the command, even though the Repair key appeared to be active. What happened? I ran the registry repair twice just to make sure I had not left a step out. Could someone tell me what went wrong?

Lisa B.

A Ramos72 2010-08-22 08:44:05 #
Version: 2.0

It is simple and it works. Awesome!

Zpiskovic 2010-08-15 13:11:13 #
Version: 2.0

Ceo dan sam radio sa vašim window registry repair i posle obeležavanja greške i komande fix eror, potom se opet pojavljuje isti pregled grešaka. Molim uput kako greške iz windowsa ispraviti.
S poštovanjem
Zpiskovic srbija

Joevera 2010-08-12 18:44:08 #
Version: 2.0

muy buen producto me ayudo mucho

Pdullabh 2010-08-09 04:53:15 #
Version: 2.0

Thanx. I'm pretty sure this software helped my computer. Its been extremely slow and this worked best.

Allob58 2010-08-08 03:42:59 #
Version: 2.0

thank you for your registry tool,as far as i know it works well, i don't know much about computers but when i used your tool it showed me how many files it got rid of, i would contribute to your site but being on a pension it's a bit hard to do so, with you being a genuine site i'm sure you will do well in the near future, i wish you well.

sincerely yours allan

Gm26954 2010-08-04 05:37:22 #
Version: 2.0

Hi all
My laptop would refuse to shut down, was slow, and just becoming impossible to live with. Free Window Registry Repair 2.0 sorted it out in minutes. Fantastic product!, and free too!
Tony Moen ZA

Ericvega28 2010-07-26 07:30:45 #
Version: 2.0

hi, thanks for the free windows registry.. before without using free windows registry, my computer runs slowly and it slow especially in start up..but now i'm using product.. my computer runs better and i feel the improovement..especially when i browse the net. and the start up makes big differ..i really, really thanks for free windows registry repair2.0

Sipho Sibiya 2010-07-02 01:21:09 #
Version: 2.0

It works, I'm happy with this product. Thanx

Pauldelmedico 2010-06-23 06:56:37 #
Version: 2.0

Danke für die Info!
Das Programm ist ok.

Ted121 2010-06-22 12:04:28 #
Version: 2.0

very good utility, well worth the download,

Csousa468 2010-06-17 20:44:23 #
Version: 2.0


Carlos Sousa.

Ckrebs 2010-06-17 01:19:23 #
Version: 2.0

until now a very fine product able to find errors where other programs were not successful

Holeee Moleee 2010-06-07 18:44:01 #
Version: 2.0

i ran it for the first time a little while ago. so far everything is working ok . my computer is old. its just gonna be slow i think. thank you for your time. karen

Ggalbavi 2010-05-28 17:17:15 #
Version: 2.0

Seems to work fine.It found and corrected 1980 errors in the registry.

CRAIGFEARNLEY 2010-05-26 15:41:36 #
Version: 2.0

thank you for the free download

Bobbysuggs 2010-05-23 16:26:38 #
Version: 2.0

OK i have( reg cure )witch I paid for will this be a problem.
Don't know yet if it works
Thank you
Bobby Suggs

Bogey43 2010-05-20 06:02:09 #
Version: 2.0

I've been using WRR2 for a couple of days now on my Windows Vista machine. I'm still getting errors. I am unable to upload updates, my live mail and messenger wont load saying I have a 80040154 and 80041161 errors. CC also a free registry cleaner picks up different errors then WRR2 and still problems. I will keep plugging away.Something has fix this thing. Maybe the garbage :).

Jasonp 12 2010-05-16 04:08:20 #
Version: 2.0

An excellent result for the problems. Working much better so far.

thank you

David Staniland 2010-05-11 09:55:35 #
Version: 2.0

just had to say this is an excellent registry repair,i have all ready recommended it to several people and there letting other people know about it.THANKS

Judeesan 2010-05-05 12:49:09 #
Version: 2.0


Ramonji 2010-04-29 09:03:30 #
Version: 2.0

I use the Registry Repair 2.0 in my PC
to fix several errors , with a succesfull
job. I recommend its use.

Thanks, God bless you for it.

Ramón Jiménez, C.R.

SkipStein 2010-04-26 16:37:00 #
Version: 2.0

I downloaded and used the Free Registry Repair. It seems to find a LOT of empty entries and other things. Seems to fix them without creating problems. Run over and over to find everything. Probably should run daily. Decent tool.

Lindmarc2337 2010-04-25 17:16:11 #
Version: 2.0

Fixed only 100 of my problems. If thats all you need fixed then this is right for you!

Gbeaton1 2010-04-23 06:31:59 #
Version: 2.0

It did not fix my problem. I can not link to many things on pages. I don't get it?

Jeanne Rhoads 2010-04-03 18:42:17 #
Version: 2.0

I downloaded Free Window Registry Repair 2.0 in order to fix some problems I was having, but it did not fix them, so I'm in the same shape I was as when I started.

Mail Me At Anil Pal 2010-04-02 12:39:03 #
Version: 2.0

It fixes errors but they keep on coming. It doesnt fixes the registry errors permanently.

Still with this product combined with a free antivirus, my computer is alive again. Before that it used to shutdown automatically and on restart used to say that some files are missing.
Now my computer is working fine.


Mariusz070682 2010-04-01 05:58:22 #
Version: 2.0

i have 2026 errors before use free registry repair now i have only 42 errors which i can not fix.. generally helped me much this program. thanks..

Morena 2010-03-17 14:14:48 #
Version: 2.0

This software says i need to register if i want to remove some of the errors. Do not you have another way of removing the errors on the computers besides registering..?

I really liked this software, it works perfectly just keep on sending me some of the softwares that i can use for cleaning computer.


Malc 2010-02-10 05:13:32 #
Version: 2.0

It is supposed to be free, what a waste of time downloading it.

Conradom7340 2010-02-05 03:12:33 #
Version: 2.0


It's very good, thank you

Bimisyosh 2010-01-26 16:10:45 #
Version: 2.0


Worked great, downloaded quickly, easy too use.

Korngrl08 2009-09-22 14:15:09 #
Version: 2.0

It worked alright. Didn't fix my problem, but I figured it out another way. I do have to say that after cleaning out everything, my comp does run alot faster.

Hq72ss 2009-09-22 01:32:32 #
Version: 2.0

Hi, yes I downloaded the repair which I thought was free, then when I went to install it I was asked to pay, which I cannot do due to financial restraints at this time, thank you for your time.

Benedict Xavier 2009-09-21 08:03:17 #
Version: 2.0



guys the registy repair did do its work, though not completely, but it was helpful. i am able to get my comp working again to a certain extent. the cost in $ is a lot in Rs. i will try to buy the registry stuff in india.
thanks all the same for your help.


Jfmasonis 2009-09-16 02:25:53 #
Version: 2.0

Thanks for your download.

Your download helped some. I am using it on a spare computer with Windows 98 with a ME up date that is not connected to the internet that have other program problems. I try to work out the problems when I can find time.

Tmtendayi 2009-09-06 08:14:08 #
Version: 2.0

Just a munute after scanning and fixing errors, a scan with same program shows several hundred errors, now i wonder if the fix did fixed anything!

Got the programm to fix 'missing dll, (msvcr90.dll) but this is not happening after several runs.

Shukaevaline 2009-09-04 13:01:01 #
Version: 2.0

I think its amazing,the best i have run on my computer.Thankyou very much for introducing a decent cleaner.

Imran1 2009-09-03 10:24:35 #
Version: 2.0


Thank you for the free download. It has operated quickly and efficiently repairing any errors. I hadn't realised that there were quite so many on my pc especially after using my current software which should have removed them all but obviously didn't!

Mrtwobit 2009-08-30 11:21:57 #
Version: 2.0

I found the product very useful. I had no idea my registry was so cluttered with junk!


Crestviewmisfit 2009-08-29 17:47:39 #
Version: 2.0

almost 2000 errors 1st run.never less than 40 errors each additional run(run 5 times in 2 days),with the 1st dz.or so being the same error every time.far from a computer genius, but it does appear that my computer is running better.thanx!

Nilesh3030 2009-08-29 03:01:39 #
Version: 2.0

this is useless.
it was unable to repair my pc

Jacklconn 2009-08-27 19:17:30 #
Version: 2.0

hey thanks for getting back to me. I tried
to download the reg repair but i couldnt get
it to work. Having some problem with my pc ,
some reason getting cookies and my pc finally gets so slo that it not worth the time. have to run my norton and get the cookies out. then i found a sweep button that removes all the trash so much faster. will try again mabie tommorow. If i can get back here will try your software again
Thanks for checking me out. Jack the big

Robbiec50 2009-08-23 13:33:32 #
Version: 2.0

registry repair is a good freeware program and very useful but my computer is still crashing due to a bios fault.I have tried various solutions but none have really fixed my problem. Has anyone a solution they could recommend please.

Woody49337 2009-08-19 16:19:46 #
Version: 2.0

I can't get it to work at this time. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with it....

Edsergat 2009-08-19 01:13:03 #
Version: 2.0

My desktop were "sleeping", the first time found 2318, errors, I remove some not used software, and the FWregisterRepair, detect as much as 634 errors more.
Now laptop does not "sleep" and goes very fine.
Real good product!

Bogdan Barbu 2009-08-13 11:25:14 #
Version: 2.0

I don't can install games.
''NSIS Error''
Error launching installer

Thank you

Ricklambert 2009-08-13 04:45:50 #
Version: 2.0

Having downloaded this program yesterday I was both amazed and relieved to find it both completely free and as thorough as it was, I have to admit I was thinking 'what's the catch'. My computer has begun to speed up considerably now and loads applications a lot faster. On the first full scan it found and repaired over 1100 errors which is pretty scary but also comforting.

Thanks for providing a simple to use and free program that actually does what it sets out to do with great success.

Giovonni2006 2009-08-06 20:03:18 #
Version: 2.0


Martinafleming2004 2009-07-23 05:30:40 #
Version: 2.0

I installed it ran a repair and my computer crashed now I have hard drive failure I'd like to know why

Allen916 2009-07-13 07:20:24 #
Version: 2.0

It didn't work. :(

Littlejohn1 2009-07-09 13:13:35 #
Version: 2.0

works great ty C archive :}

Peterpneal 2009-07-08 17:40:10 #
Version: 2.0

i downloaded free window registry repair 2.0 and am well happy thank you for doing this programme i had reg cure which i had too pay 30 uk pounds for and its not as good as this 1 what i have just downloaded thank you for supplying this to me very very pleased with it keep up the great work!!!!!!

J Ryan6 2009-06-22 07:33:57 #
Version: 2.0

The most thorough scan & repair yet, using free software!

Happyjo 2009-06-21 05:42:56 #
Version: 2.0

Quite good, considering it is a freeware.
Did repair some errors on my PC...
All the Best!

Vespapa 2009-06-12 02:22:24 #
Version: 2.0

i don't think,that it's the best repairing software,but i have to say:thanks,anyway...

Dedtaxtr 2009-06-09 01:44:50 #
Version: 2.0

Dear sir
The free window registry repair downloaded from your site is very useful.

Thanking you

With regards
DEDTAX, Trichy

Ridosan 2009-06-08 21:08:38 #
Version: 2.0

I have Windows Vista Home Basic, so I don't know if this is compatible with my system. However, it did find nearly 1100 errors. After they were all fixed, I didn't notice any significant improvement, so ran another scan, and this time a little over 600 errors were found. After that, each time I run a scan, any where from 40 to 300 or so errors are found. I still have not noticed any real significant improvement in speed or operation of my system. Of course it could be that there are more problems with my computer.


Rick Sanford

Bachmaster 2009-05-28 22:27:45 #
Version: 2.0

It worked great. I still can't believe it was free. I kept expecting it to ask me for money at any moment. Very easy to use and cleared up the problem I was having, which I had tried solving many other ways. Thanks!

Pokorny 2009-05-28 10:40:45 #
Version: 2.0

Th software downloaded quickly. The scan was fast and the repair just as fast. It said it repaired just over 1200 errors but I still have a problem with windows media player giving me an interactive services message. It may be unrelated to the registry repair.

Jmakngrl 2009-05-26 21:49:30 #
Version: 2.0

I was truely hoping it would improve the performance of our computer on the internet. The fact that it didn't cost anything was a big draw for us because I am disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis and we have a special needs 12 year old boy and money is low. The internet is extremely important to us for multiple reasons. Unfortunately your product did not improve things very much but thank you.

Andyyudha 2009-05-24 23:55:10 #
Version: 2.0

Good program, my pc become faster

Geoffbald 2009-05-17 08:20:11 #
Version: 2.0

does not work with Trend Micro (doesnt delete anything)it tries to shutdown my internet security

Celticallover 2009-05-16 10:16:59 #
Version: 2.0

Hey every1, this product works 100% and i am a genuine person who downloaded it. My laptop was freezing every 10-15 minutes, leaving me having to remove the battery to restart. I downloaded this, it took less than 5 minutes to download and fix all my problems. I'm now back running multiple applications and havent had a crash since. i'd gladly pay for this, its brilliant. thanks whoever is responsible. DAMN MICROSOFT

Cagelar 2009-05-02 10:43:14 #
Version: 2.0

Recently after doing a full scan using Regsoft 2.0 registry repair on entering fix errors causes the computor to "crash" (no response from any key)This never happened with version 1.8.Have uninstalled the product.Will try and reinstall 1.8 if I can find it.


Soytnly 2009-05-01 21:40:52 #
Version: 2.0

Good program, price is right and worked quite well.

Ncutler 2009-04-27 19:07:17 #
Version: 2.0

Seems very good. Cleans out way more stuff than other registry cleaners that I've tried.
Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Charleshsu0952 2009-04-23 22:16:33 #
Version: 2.0

For product, it runs fast and smoothly. For my pc, because it has other problems to be repaired, it does not help a lot. But it still can find lots of errors of registry in my pc, besides, it is free. Thanks.

Gur2d2 2009-04-23 17:53:50 #
Version: 2.0

Upon numerous repair runs, it still shows 24 errors and they remain and won't get fixed.

I can't really tell if this was helpful.

Blam7976 2009-04-22 15:16:25 #
Version: 2.0


I like it very much. It did help. When I was on ebay my pc would not hardly go back to the previous page. Now it will.

Proliq 2009-04-15 05:07:32 #
Version: 1.8

works wonderful

Thank you

Rdechain 2009-04-12 07:27:00 #
Version: 1.8

it didn't fix the problem i was having. that problem however, may not be related to the issues that this program is supposed to fix.

Justu Forever1 2009-04-11 23:53:33 #
Version: 1.8

didnt work i need to get format both dives one has fat32 on it the other hasnt its pration that make it hard

Lesrharris 2009-04-10 07:28:48 #
Version: 1.8

sorry have had a lot of trouble with computer tried many things have got on top of it now i hope will, honestly i dont know if the registry helped or not but will try again when i have it up to 100% regards les

Fwmb 2009-04-07 01:16:08 #
Version: 1.8


Thank you. It did not fix the code 39 problem I had but it seemed to work by cleaning my registry. I will probably use this program on a regular bases. Thank you again.

Sn Canow 2009-03-31 06:15:46 #
Version: 1.8

This tool was great, It actually found 1175 files ect... that needed repair which was 115 more files found than REG CURE, another supposed free download that takes 11mb to download and then they trick you to pay after you take 45 min to scan for problems, it wont even repair 20 of the files, so you either pay 30 bucks or delete the program. Free windows Reg Repair actually repaired them all instantly and was free and did all the same as expensive Reg Cure does. You can donate to Win Reg Repair which Im going to do also. Best program avail for this, great guys whoever created this program! Sacha Canow

Vinnyrulez270 2009-03-27 09:11:25 #
Version: 1.8

It is a simple program that fixes window's registry problems, so I think its awesome.

Precious Acd 2009-03-23 18:48:27 #
Version: 1.8

Seems like this registry repair works great! Thanks!

Eirikurp 2009-03-22 17:03:32 #
Version: 1.8

I'm a supporter of free software, and was werry happy to find this product. I have yet to determine the performance and quality of "windows registry repair".
But so far, it found the same amount of things needed to be cleaned as the costly ones, an in a fraction of the time.
But so far, I haven't been let down.

Hope it will work to my satisfaction!

James.soucie 2009-03-14 14:29:07 #
Version: 1.8

James Soucie (

Your download did noting to clean my register free, it took two item out and asked me to pay them for the 246 that remained, which I figure when you told me free it was free. A false sight and when you want help and see window that is what you expect when it said free. I was disapointed and unhappy with Windows again. Visa sucks.

Bob M 2009-03-11 08:37:38 #
Version: 1.8

Free Window Registry Repair

It seemed to locate quite a few of the problems and eliminated them without any problems showing up later which is always a concern. I actually downloaded this for my laptop which I'll try it on later since it has a reg problem with Outlook but on the desktop it worked just fine.

Slavko.brzan 2009-02-25 12:58:27 #
Version: 1.8

Windows media player failure

My windows media player, when playing a video clip the video clip is green (not the real colour).

Dale 2009-02-16 07:03:02 #
Version: 1.8

Thanks for trying

The program found and repaired a lot of registry problems, but not the one that is drivng me crazy. "The procedure entry point _ftol2 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll" I guess it is not realy a registry problem. I have read the forums and tried to solve this problem for months. I can not do a system restore for some reason and have found all occurances of this file and updated them to the latest version. I have about 8 versions of this file dating from 2008 to 1999. I think Adobe Acrobat might be the problem. Thank you for the free registry repair.

Popsii 2009-01-19 02:09:14 #
Version: 1.8

The meaning of the word free

When it comes to computers there are lots of definitions of the word 'free' . Sometimes it means you do not need to pay money , sometimes it means it's open source code for people to edit , sometimes it means it's public domain software . Free Window Registry Repair is not any of those things , the word 'free' in the title is a scam to get you to download it , you have to pay to use it , it's a con and I uninstalled it right away !!!

Autridgebobgene 2009-01-09 01:06:10 #
Version: 1.8

Unable to give definate opinion

killed my computer had to reload all again due to jamming up. Propably not caused by this product but by Hp software as any reg cleaner I have tried has done same unless I remove HP software

Sm3iya 2008-11-24 02:04:15 #
Version: 1.5

Very good.

Registry repair is very good. I love it and it's free. And is better then any program of that kind.

Mcrickey 2008-10-30 11:54:50 #
Version: 1.5

Free Window Registry Repair 1.5

I am still in the process of running this tool. Two attempts meet with power outages. It is taking a long time to run on my PC,(1.2 Ghz, 750MB RAM), so far for the third time, is has been running for 7 plus hours with nothing else, just the PC as a standalone. The PC is old and hoping to get rid of some of the slowness when e-mailing or searching the web. Interface and ease of use of the product is encouraging.

Chad_inakhis 2008-10-19 09:48:25 #
Version: 1.5

Free Windows Reg Repair

The site was exceptionally easy to navigate and the downloaded program works well. I would recommend the site and use it again. Thank You

Angel74m 2008-08-29 14:52:05 #
Version: 1.5

It works

All i can say it that i worked on my pc for over 12 hours trying to find something to restore my settings. In the matter of 10 minutes i was up and running with lost files restored. Thank's

Tpmarks 2008-08-16 10:29:01 #
Version: 1.5

Didn`t Help Me

I have an issue with one of my .dll addresses and a couple other issues. I ran the software, and I still have the same issues. It's running again after I send this review. We'll see if a 2nd or 3rd time will help. If it doesn't help after the third time, I'd say it was definitely a bust!

Nebylopechali 2008-08-15 01:37:54 #
Version: 1.5

Thank you.

I'm quite satisfied with this software, it's pretty straightforward and easy to use, I use it regularly and it's working pretty well, with best wishes and many thanks for oyur help.

Wayne3175 2008-08-13 14:06:05 #
Version: 1.5

Window registry repair.

It's the easyest program I have used. Simply and to the point, speeded my computer up alot.

JS 2008-08-12 10:25:07 #
Version: 1.5

Registry Repair 1.5

Seems to have speeded up my old laptop a reasonable amount

Gondor1015 2008-08-11 17:48:28 #
Version: 1.5

For all computers owners...

I am a professional user in Internet surf, software, etc...I had all the time paid software for repair registry. I found out, some are just a scammer, nothing was repair in my computer. This software is free for use and is doing a awesome job. Trust me users, I am very happy with this software! Take it and use it! Thank You QArchive Team! Great Job!!!

Mduncan1153 2008-08-03 16:04:32 #
Version: 1.5

Free Window Registry Repair

I have a VISTA and am running MS Office 2003. I tried several Registry "Cleaners" over a period of WEEKS - but each time they ran, something was deleted (I surely don't understand all those "cryptic" registry entry messages!) and Excel or Office would no longer work. I would have to "undo" the "fixes" that the other program performed. After searching and trying many programs, I found "Free Window Registry Repair". It didn't just delete registry errors; it DID REPAIR them.
My computer is doing very well now. Thank you so much!

Cfryman 2008-07-29 12:05:11 #
Version: 1.5

Registry repair.

Thank you for the registry repair. I downloaded with ease, it ran and cleaned the system. It seem to run a little faster. Thank you again, C. Fryman.

Jimhamey 2008-07-23 03:23:15 #
Version: 1.5

Helpful and easy

Helped identify and resolve many problems and certainly improved performance of my slugish laptop

Surfingtoday 2008-07-09 21:27:12 #
Version: 1.5

Re: Free Window Registry Repair.

Looking all over the web for a registry cleaner, found yours and from what I see it did a great job!

Vazfam 2008-07-09 19:32:23 #
Version: 1.5

Free Window Registry Repair

Nice little program that does what it sets out to do and relatively quickly. Plus you can't beat the price. I have one old machine running Windows 98SE (to run a microscope camera) and this program cleaned it well.

Dianamiller 2008-07-08 20:49:00 #
Version: 1.5

Quick and Effective

I wish I knew about this software earlier. I bought another disk hoping to correct the constant fault and shutdowns. This corrected 1819 registry errors. So far it seems to have done the job. Great software.

Flongii 2008-07-08 07:14:03 #
Version: 1.5

not sure

I can say that it was an easy download and install. I ran it for the first time the other night. it ran well and found a variety of errors on my drive. I ran the fix function and that seemed to do well also. i'm not sure yet how well it did for my computer because I haven't used it intensely after that... so we shall see.

Avacca01 2008-06-24 19:31:01 #
Version: 1.5

Free Registry Repair

Works great a strong noticable difference

Frank.rendell 2008-06-24 12:46:25 #
Version: 1.5

Reinstalled software

I have used registry repair for sometime - I have just downloaded it after re-formating my machine. A very useful piece of software - easy to use and effective. Many thanks

Ronmerkley 2008-06-23 21:24:11 #
Version: 1.5

Free Window Registry Repair 1.5

Yes! It is true, it is 100% free and it does work. I have tried repeatedly to correct the errors in my registry to no avail. All the previously software I downloaded for free were only trail membership that would only correct a handful of errors. They were a con--this is the real deal. It is 100% free--no hidden cost, immediately after I used it my problem was solved. Thank You to who ever made this software possible. 5 Star--Excellent!

ivo 2008-06-23 19:45:41 #
Version: 1.5

Worked well but missed a few.

The program did exactly as it said it would but it missed a few errors like an OLE (object linking and embeding) error and a shell32. Dll error which I knew about. Makes me wonder if it missed more that I don't know about. All in all it did accelerate my computer a little.

Meanwolf21 2008-06-19 00:38:41 #
Version: 1.5

excellent program

This program is great! It pulled all the cluttered DLLs and yeah, my system starts up a bit faster. Definitely recommended!

Steve 2008-06-18 13:28:43 #
Version: 1.5


Found loads of problems I never even knew I had and fixed them all very easy to use programme. Highly recomended.

Mdavis 2008-06-12 09:55:26 #
Version: 1.5

Great Tool!

I downloaded this to fix a rundll error message that came up on my screen every time i logged in. It didn't fix that error message and i don't know why,but i have noticed a difference on my laptop running faster and not locking up. So i think it's a great tool!

Mark_julifs 2008-06-10 04:13:20 #
Version: 1.5


Ran the program 9 times. Here's what I got: Errors found and repaired- 879, 29, 53, 24, 58, 24, 19, 114, 29. Is it working? my pc isn't running any faster.... And, alot of the files it's finding are the same thing over and over again, even though it's telling me it has fixed the error. Is it really fixing anything?

Jim__kelley 2008-06-07 20:53:09 #
Version: 1.5

Like What I See

Download smooth; discoveries appear to be significant; fixes do not appear to have negatively affected my XP system.

Bp 2008-06-06 13:18:28 #
Version: 1.5


Restored some speed for my machine.

Mockratt 2008-06-05 22:11:41 #
Version: 1.5


I was quite sceptical when I downloaded this on my computer. But after running it once, I noticed a big difference in the speed of my computer. It did not take long to run and the instructions were quite self explanatory. So if your computer feels bogged down or sluggish, just download it and check it out for yourself.

Ianbon 2008-06-01 03:51:36 #
Version: 1.5

Xp windows wont load.

Had problems booting windows xp. Ran your program and over 1000 registery things were deleted and pc seems to load a lot better.

Yew666333 2008-05-25 06:24:08 #
Version: 1.5


No very good because after scanning and fix, the problem still occures after another scanning. Thank you.

Gbg1967 2008-05-24 19:33:52 #
Version: 1.5

Very fast and intuitable options

Tanks for create this sofware. is very good and usuable, please, send-me
information about new releases. :-)

Mathieu_sassy 2008-05-14 18:13:05 #
Version: 1.5

Blocking my program.

Hi, I recenlty download registry repair, and it (I realy don't know how) block or delete or. One of my program. I know that it's that software (registry repair, cause I used my program some minutes before, and after one scan, I'm not able to use my program (game program). Anyway.

Kohut 2008-05-10 23:58:12 #
Version: 1.5

Registry Repair 1.5 Review

I found the software verry easy to use though it did for some strange reason delete my printer and scanner settings. No problem though as I just reloaded the software and all went well.

Computer now runs faster and no hang ups.

Thanks to all the software team

Johnmc228 2008-05-05 08:06:58 #
Version: 1.5

Seems O.K

Free windows registry seems to work just fine. Got rid of error messages that kept appearing when P.C. was fired up.

ronbat1962 2008-05-03 20:53:33 #
Version: 1.5

finds lots of stuff in reg that other reg

I was suprised at the number of items it found in my registery. Years ago i kept trying new programs because no one program found everthing. I ran 4 or 5 different cleaning programs. Then I found a nice program that cleaned almost everthing. I ran my program and then the Free Window Registry program and it found over 700 additional things. One thing that needs to be changed is to make the backup of the regestry default mode to be ON. I found it in the options. Lucky for me it did not mess my registery up.

free registry cleaner 2008-04-24 15:40:59 #
Version: 1.5

Free windows registry repair.

I have it installed. Works all right but doesn't clean. Everything it finds bad.

Liked it 2008-04-15 18:53:49 #
Version: 1.5

Worked Well

Free Window Registry was easy to use and did a good job of cleaning the registry with no problems. I was still getting the same .dll error after using FWR that I was getting before using it, so it didn't fix that but hey, the price was right!

awad 2008-04-06 03:22:16 #
Version: 1.5

How you can help me?

It may be better if it will be download free for xp user's.

classart 2008-03-26 08:55:55 #
Version: 1.5

Standpoint from a novice

I could not rate the product, as I ran it one time and my e-mail software would not work any longer, and my browser, sort of locked up a bit and wouldn't load pages but half way. So I had to shut my computer down and reboot it about 2-3 times before things worked correctly again.
I'd like to give you product a rating, but because I am not sure what I did when running the program, I do not want to say it's bad or good without knowing what happened. Before I forget, each time I booted or rebooted a dialog box comes up saying the program is not working or something similar and it automatically closes the screen. Perhaps that will help you know what my particular problem is with the software?
Thank you

baljfa 2008-03-13 19:53:23 #
Version: 1.5

It works.

It fixed my registry. Try it you will like it.

Juan Amor 2008-03-09 07:30:00 #
Version: 1.5

Only partial repair?

The tool seams to work great, but if after using it I scan the registry with other tools, i.e. RegHealer, it finds many more "wrong" entries, even if I rescan using Free Windows Registry, it detects new entries, so I am not sure it is finally a good tool!

Michael in L.A. 2008-03-02 23:53:44 #
Version: 1.5

Short Review of Free Window Registry Repair

I started to develop some problems with my computer which indicated that the registry needed to be repaired. Online free scans showed that there were indeed problems. I found FWRR and thought that for free, it would be a good program to start with. I installed it and ran it and it found and fixed a lot of errors. The software has a very simple, easy to use interface - it really could not be easier to use. The only complaint is that a couple of online scans with other (not free) programs after running FWRR showed that there were still some errors in the registry. For a free program, I can recommend FWRR as a good first try at registry repair software.

Greg Davis vista owner 2008-02-28 00:56:38 #
Version: 1.5

widows free registry repair

I had slow pc I downloaded and used windows registry repair and am very satisfied.It was easy to use it is quick and effecient and did just like it says I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has slow or sluggish operating system.its great

mollichi 2008-01-15 06:46:59 #
Version: 1.5

It works!

Here is a totally free registry cleaner software that works. It is very simple to operate, but very effective.

Diane Louw 2008-01-09 05:29:45 #
Version: 1.5

This is a must to download!!

I had another registry cleaner and it told me i had only 10 problems. Well with Window Registry Repair i actually found out that i had 1217 errors and they all got fixed. way to Go!!!!

Thanks for this great programme.

JerryB4 2007-12-01 09:56:27 #
Version: 1.5

Very pleased with this program

My computer skills are limited. I kept getting applications errors. Tried other free trail removal programs, they only removed a few. Downloaded your program. Ran the program and it removed all application errors, with one try. I am very please the way it works. Thank you for a good program at a really great price.

Borisol 2007-11-03 22:06:13 #
Version: 1.5

Vewry good program.

I am trying program, it works fast and simple to understand, but after repair register I still have items that should to be deleted. Captured screen of computer sent to you by e-mail yesterday. Boris.

john harris 2007-09-28 15:27:34 #
Version: 1.5

Good for the price of nothing.

Considering it's free it's good and cleared quiet a few of the problems.

rparker189 2007-09-19 10:15:36 #
Version: 1.5

Does not seem to repair all.

When using the Repair Registry we find that after we scan and the note at the bottom indicates say ''284 errors found, 284 errors selected'', and we then click on ''fix errors'', then the scan screen is blank with a note at the bottom "Fix errors finished!'', if we immediately rescan an additional number of errors is indicated. Even repeating the process several times there seems to be errors still found in varying quantities.
So we really don't know if the repairs are being effected.

registry novice 2007-08-31 03:18:30 #
Version: 1.5

A Satisfied Customer

Whilst I had no specific registry problem to fix (that I was aware of) I felt my winxp registry could do with a clean/fix. The computer was new 8 months ago and Registry Repair found 1000 errors! Fixed them all. Unfortunately I don't know enough about windows registry to comment on the technicalities of the programme, but I'm certainly a satisfied customer.

Dwayne 2007-08-09 18:17:34 #
Version: 1.5

Registry Repair

Works well, found 540 errors. Error Mechanic did not do so well...It said I had None..

EAR 2007-08-06 13:28:51 #
Version: 1.5

Works Well

Seems to do what it is supposed to do.

mim 2007-08-05 01:57:20 #
Version: 1.5

Worked fine

I have only done a custom scan at present and it seems to have picked up and fized quite a few errors - still have a few errors left to fix. SO a full system scan will be needed. Just take a long time to do this.

jzerener- Kansas 2007-07-31 21:41:50 #
Version: 1.5

Free Windows Registry Repair 1.2

I would recommend this freeware utility because it repaired many more registry errors than it's counterpart: Free Windows Registy Cleaner and also it repaired errors in my computer's start up registy when Free Windows Registry Cleaner failed to do so. It is also very user friendly.

Willem 2007-07-12 14:56:07 #
Version: 1.5

Superb program

Just great! Speeds up the desk-and laptop

Free window registry 2007-07-08 10:38:48 #
Version: 1.5

Free window registry repair

Very good by this time. The only thing is that do not repair errors for the first time.

pj42 2007-07-08 03:11:44 #
Version: 1.5

Very Happy

Having used registry repair for the first time I was very pleased at the ease of use, registry has always frightened me as a lot of damage can be done if you don't know what your doing but this software is so easy to use!
I am not sure if my system has improved yet but a lot of useless registry keys were deleted, I have noticed that the average CPU temperature has dropped between 1 & 2 degrees Celsius.

M. J. Graham 2007-06-29 08:03:31 #
Version: 1.5

My Review

I found this product satisfactory in all aspects. My PC is faster & occasional "glitches" have virtually gone.

Window Registry Repa 2007-06-20 13:03:04 #
Version: 1.5

Window Registry Repair review

the program is simple and easy to use, without all kinds of extras you don't need. it gets most of the important registry errors, and doubled the speed of my computer. also, any serches on your computer, like a virus scan program will work better after using this.

JustJane 2007-06-14 08:16:09 #
Version: 1.5

Registry Problems Solved

Quick, easy, it works and it's free, what more can you ask for!

Top Cat 2007-06-04 03:50:00 #
Version: 1.5

Registry repair

Hi, I recently had a Windows XP system to repair. The system was crammed packed with viruses etc. One of the internet's finest examples of how not to treat a PC! After some searching through google, I found this utility. I used Avast antivirus to clean up the viruses etc, and this registry utility to resolve the registry issues. It was very simple to install and the interface was dead easy to use. It found over 80 registry problems and repaired all of them. I will be keeping this utility in my arsenal of tools to repair Windows XP. As it says on the website, no spyware was installed. Thank you for a fanastic utility. Payment? It's possible to donate to these guys via Paypal.

Top Cat

Windows Registry rep 2007-05-20 23:34:56 #
Version: 1.5

Windows Repair Registry

I used the Window Registry repair, but it did not work on my PC. There is something very wrong with my registry. I have been told that I have corrupted files. I am not a very experienced PC user. I had no problem using the Window Registry Repair, it was easy to use. I need to have someone check out my PC to see if it is worth fixing. I have had it for about 7 years, so I need to think about buying a new PC. Thank you for the use of the Windows Registry Repair. I explained earlier I am not an experienced computer user, so I cannot really tell you more than what I have already written.

daisydolots 2007-04-06 11:28:29 #
Version: 1.5

I have Vista

I have Windows Vista and they haven't came out with a free cleaner (that I'm aware of) for my system yet. I'm only able to download and use it once, but it's quick and easy and gets the job done the right way.

Atlanta 2007-02-25 15:57:56 #
Version: 1.5

Great System

Love the ease of use. Really cleaned up my registry

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